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Summit fever - build your immunity through credibility

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

The last act of any enterprise carries the most risk - of loss of reputation, of cost overrun, of loss of revenue. It also carries the biggest opportunity for boosting credibility, future work potential and investor credit.

In the video, Maria Callas discusses the importance of paying careful attention to the final act at the inception stage.

‘The last act is most important, because no matter how much and how well you have sung in the first few one or two or three, four, first acts, if the last act is not superior to all the rest, well you might as well not sing it.’

Anyone who has been in the position of delivering the final stages of a major programme will identify with this insight.

In this post Quintus of Cambridge discusses how the risks of final act summit fever may best be avoided and the most benefits enjoyed by building credibility throughout the programme.

In the next instalment you will be shown how to save money at every stage of a programme and achieve excellent results at the same time. Isn’t that what everyone strives for?

To be continued…


In this series of posts I have proceeded from the assumption that there is an aspiration among my clients for greatness, excellence, to go beyond the ordinary. I am not concerned with achieving mediocrity any more than my clients are.

The full interview with Maria Callas can be viewed here:

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