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Persuasive Negotiation Programme

Persuade others to see things your way.

  • Two day programme

  • For early career professionals and academics

Quintus Murphy Quintus of Cambridge
Persuasive Negotiation
Programme details


 Knowing how to negotiate to overcome obstacles whilst avoiding conflict and creating positive outcomes from difficult situations is a competence that is vitally needed in the world.

 "A negotiated agreement is not a zero sum game."

 The best negotiators create value as well as earning value. The skills required to achieve this are amongst the most elusive and valued in rising leaders.

Quintus Murphy Quintus of Cambridge


Research by Ann E. Tenbrunsel of Notre Dame shows that most people are inclined to back down at the crucial moments of a difficult negotiation.

 This programme equips participants with a toolkit for preparing for negotiations, participating in negotiations and most importantly managing the next steps after a negotiation.  

  Participants can expect to be challenged to think about the principles underpinning good negotiations and understand the key concepts of systematic preparation, how to listen, and how to structure a persuasive negotiation.


 Experience is an expensive teacher. The problem with learning by experience is that you learn the hard way - and give your competitors the advantage.

  • Learn the building blocks of successful negotiation.

  • Learn active listening techniques.

  • Avoid the temptation to think about your next move whilst the other person is speaking.

  • Make the ethical case.

  • Learn how to prepare systematically.

  • Practice constructing the patterns of persuasive negotiation.

  • Explore the history of successful negotiation to the present day and gain insights into the latest research in this field.

  • Negotiation is an art and a science. Conflict is universal, but the constructive resolution of differences is rare. Success in negotiation is not a matter of luck or having the right genes, it can be learned and this programme will show you how.

Who should attend?

We welcome applicants from private and public sector clients as well as academics and entrepreneurs.

 The programme is designed to equip participants with the core competencies of effective results oriented persuasive negotiation.

 The programme will be of especial benefit to client facing managers and technical/research leads looking to transition into senior leadership roles.

 The learning journey is an open programme however participants are expected to show:

  • Committment to professional development over and above a university degree (e.g. chartership, post-graduate research).

  • Successful track record with evidence of having made a difference by their presence.

  • An agenda for self-improvement.

  • Confident fluency in written and spoken English.*

* English language tuition including IELTS and PET is available through our partner site Top School Tutoring.

Venue: The programme is held in the idyllic grounds of the University of Cambridge.

Polybius devotes an entire chapter of his book, 'The Rise of the Roman Empire' to the difference between 'Pretext' and 'Root Cause'. To be successful at negotiation you have to be adept at perceiving the root cause.

Dates and fees?

The programme fee is £2399. VAT is included in the price.

 The fee includes all instruction, materials and service costs as well as a black tie dinner at the end of the programme.

 Travel and accommodation are not included. 

  Preferential rates are available for group bookings as well as members of the University of Cambridge and members of the Quintus of Cambridge foundation for continuous learning.

Programmes are scheduled on a rolling basis. Click the 'Book your place' link for the next available dates.

Participants are expected to attend the full programme. On completion, participants will receive a CPD accredited certificate of achievement and discounted membership of the Quintus of Cambridge foundation.

Quintus Murphy Quintus of Cambridge
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